Welcome to a Vibrant World!

You have just taken a step towards enhanced vitality, health, joy and personal power. 

I invite you to explore this website and see what energy medicine and life coaching might mean for you.

Energy medicine and coaching are powerful tools for personal transformation – to greater ease and wellness, improved health, happiness, and confident action. I have worked with these tools and practices for 9 years. I provide a safe, caring, professional, and collaborative approach; I will support and empower you to lead the way to your goals.

I offer energy medicine and coaching sessions, energy medicine workshops, guidance on energy self-care, presentations, and customized trainings to meet your needs. I am passionate about life! I believe in the power of people to shift habits, create joy, improve their health, fulfil their purpose, and make the world a better place.

With Energy Medicine and Life Coaching, the starting place is you – your energy, your passions, and your life!

I would like to thank Emily Beamer for this website and Elena Vandakurova for the beautiful paintings that grace the top of each page.

Ruth Beck, B. Comm., MA,
Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner
Certified Professional Coach





About Ruth

I love life. I am curious about how we human beings can make the world a better place.

My coaching and energy medicine philosophy is all about raising the vibration of the earth one unique magnificent person at a time. When you are your best self, when we are our best selves, we have more to give and the world is better for it.

I am 60 years of age; I grew up in Vancouver and have lived the past 27 years in Nelson, BC. I studied business and economics at university. I have 34 years’  experience as a consultant, leader, manager, activist, and volunteer working to make a positive difference in the world. I have worked mainly in public health, sustainable development, and the arts. I have also been engaged in international development, solidarity and human rights.

I love being outdoors, being active in nature, walking my dog, hiking, xc skiing, kayaking, bird watching, photographing, gardening, and painting. I love singing, music, dancing, dinners with friends and family, great conversations, and spending time with loved ones. I feel a strong sense of place and I love to travel. I love the view from an aeroplane. I am closely connected to animals.

I got interested in life coaching and energy medicine because I wanted to find something effective to counteract stress and help me shift habitual patterns to live with greater health, vibrancy, and inner calm. I benefited so much and so quickly from energy medicine and coaching that I got hooked and decided to get certified in both.

I am certified in Eden Energy Medicine from Innersource, a US organization founded on the work of Donna Eden.  I have taken advanced training with Donna Eden, Dr. Sara Allen, Ellen Meredith, Marianne Ferguson and Lori Crabbe-Geisbers.  To read more about my experience with energy medicine, click here.

I am certified as a professional coach through International Coach Academy, an Australian organization that offers a certification program through online learning and technology-based live conferencing.

I am dedicated to living from the heart, practicing conscious awareness and intention, and being a good listener and facilitator. I am committed to giving you my best.

To actively engage in the process of healing, one must open themselves up to the healing forces in an intentional way and be patient with the journey. Great forces are at play and to have someone who can anchor those forces while supporting the process is a great blessing. That is how I feel about Ruth.

Ruth provided me with a healing space that encouraged my being to unfold in powerful ways that forever changed my life- for the better. A momentum was generated that empowered me to then take matters into my own healing hands. I hold a deep appreciation for Ruth’s part in it all.


Energy Medicine client, 2016

I appreciate Ruth’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the energy system for it is a new world for me.  From the moment I walked in the door Ruth listened deeply to what was up for me and then with her kind presence, she intuitively guided me to a deeper part of myself that was wanting my awareness.  Her touch was very relaxing and I gained insight into some holding patterns that influence my life unconsciously.   I find my sessions have been very worthwhile and also surprisingly delightful.


Energy Medicine client, 2017

There is much to be gained in booking a session with Ruth Beck. You may find, as I did, that she is knowledgeable, thorough, and completely focused. I was helped immeasurably.


Energy Medicine client, 2018