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Energy medicine activates your body’s natural healing powers!

When you balance and strengthen your body’s energies, you become healthier, more relaxed, lively and joyful.

I offer energy medicine sessions, workshops & classes, self-care mentoring, and an e-newsletter with powerful energy exercises.

Energy medicine helps all kinds of health issues – we look at root causes and correct energy disturbances.

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I have received the gift of being treated by Ruth Beck for more than two years now for my chronic neurodegenerative condition. She is professional, capable, careful, respectful, and unfailingly positive. I experience significant benefits from her clearing, rebalancing, and bolstering of my energetic systems. Many stagnant energies and unhelpful patterns carried from the past have been cleared. I’ve received helpful insights into the nature of my blockages, confirmation of my body’s willingness and eagerness to heal, and the help available to us energetically when we open ourselves to be supported. Thank you Ruth for the gift of your healing energies.

Energy Medicine client

About Ruth

Ruth is an intuitive, wise, practical and caring energy practitioner.

Ruth has studied energy medicine since 2008 and is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (2013). She continues to learn at an advanced level with Donna Eden, Ellen Meredith, Melanie Smith, Prune Harris, Dr. Sara Allen, Marianne Ferguson and Lori Crabbe-Giesbers.  She learned distance healing approaches and techniques from advanced practitioners after her Eden training.

Ruth lives in Nelson, BC. She loves nature, hiking, kayaking, gardening, xc skiing, drawing, singing, cooking, and connecting with friends, family and animals. Ruth is a cancer survivor and is highly committed to her own health.

I have had many Energy Medicine sessions from Ruth over the years. She is a beautiful heart and an extremely intuitive practitioner. I have had a distance EM session from Ruth and it was lovely – I could feel the waves of energy flowing and calming. I am an Advanced EEM Practitioner and absolutely recommend Ruth!

Marianne Ferguson

Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

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