This newsletter is all about joy.  Whether your glass is half full or half empty, it may feel heavier than usual given how long you’ve been holding it up during Covid.  Low levels of stress can become a habit over time.  Joy has the power to transform you. Spring is helping with its colour, warmth, light and new life.  There’s no better time to amp up your joy.

The radiant circuits are an energy system that’s all about joy.  They also foster vitality, healing, ecstasy, and resilience. To learn how these energies work and how to activate them, please read on…

Joy is our natural state; we’re hardwired for it. Joy grows from deep within and is independent of what’s going on around us.

The radiant circuits are a powerful energy system that generates joy and supports health.  These radiant energies gently coordinate all your organs and energy systems so they work together in an integrated way.  When you are calm and content, your radiant circuits have a nice flow.  When you experience an inner disturbance, they spring to life, moving energy instantly to where it is most needed. The radiant circuits are very responsive to thoughts, beliefs, and images; they form an energetic bridge between thoughts and your brain’s chemical messaging.

Dancing with the Eights is a fun exercise that activates your radiant circuits and gets you moving.  It’s pretty simple: just dance around or move your body while waving your arms in Figure 8s – big, small, sideways – around your body.  Put on some music and step it out!

You know that joy comes from smiling, laughing, play, music, making love, and other pleasurable pursuits.  So why would you want to learn radiant circuit exercises?

Think of them like vitamins. Could your diet of joy use a boost?  One thing to know about radiant circuit energy is that, if you don’t use it, you lose it. If you are sedentary or on a computer for long hours, make time for a radiant circuit break!

Here’s another simple exercise that activates your radiant circuits.  Just connect up these two points on your body.   You can even do it lying down.  Here’s the recipe:

  • – make a three finger notch by squeezing together the ends of your thumb, index and middle fingers on each hand
  • – place one notch in the centre of your chest
  • – place the other on your side seam about 4 inches under your armpit.
  • – Hold for a couple of minutes.  You can switch sides too if you like.


Why does joy matter? Brain neuroplasticity means that our neural pathways re-pattern themselves and form new connections based on our experiences.  By giving yourself lots of radiant circuit experiences, you wire in a more joyous way of being.  The more you activate your radiant circuits, the more available they are for you.  This gives you resilience. The radiant circuits can counter your fight or flight response to help you build new habits and orient your psyche in a more positive way.  Your fight or flight response is wired to maintain the status quo.  If you are trying to lose weight, cut carbs, get more exercise, or change a stubborn habit, amping up your radiant circuits can be truly transformative. Best of all, your joyful nature is a gift to the people around you.

Tracing Hearts is a great exercise when you feel stuck, closed or needing a boost.   Trace three heart shapes over your face while breathing deeply.  Then trace three hearts – or as many as you like – over your torso.  Finally, trace three huge hearts each one encompassing your whole body down to your toes.

The last exercise strengthens a specific radiant circuit called the Penetrating Flow. This takes energy deep into your body, fostering a deep sense wellbeing in your psyche, and supporting hormone health and sexuality.  It’s the energy that is activated during an orgasm.

To activate the Penetrating Flow:

  • – place your hands on the back of your waist and stretch the skin in all directions
  • – smooth your hands slowly down to your sacrum
  • – trace your hands up and over your hip bones and down on the front to the pubic bone
  • – on an inhale, draw your hands straight up your body, over your breasts/chest, neck and jaw until you cover your mouth
  • – hold your hands gently over your mouth and sigh/exhale expressively three times
  • – trace your hands down until they rest over the centre of your heart.



I hope you have enjoyed these joy exercises.  Thank you to Tina for her lovely forsythia.

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