Greetings! It’s that time of year: spring is starting to burst out and yet winter isn’t quite over. This year, the seasonal transition mirrors our collective yearning for our lives to open up. We can’t control the changes but we can align ourselves with what this moment offers.

One of my favourite teachers, Prune Harris, is always looking for what each moment offers or perhaps pushes towards us. Prune creates a monthly energy forecast: in this newsletter, I offer some basic exercises to support the energetic ‘invitation’ that March 2021 is bringing.







March asks us to find our centre, be deeply grounded and align with the fast, brilliant green energy coming in. The secret is to give attention to what you know needs your focus, healing or better balance. In terms of support, let’s start with grounding. We are designed to be in electro-magnetic connection with the earth so that we can receive energy and recycle back any excess or imbalanced energy (jangled, buzzy, etc.) When we are stressed or on a computer too long, we may lose this connection. A simple daily practice to reconnect is: stroke the bottoms of your feet with the back side of a stainless steel spoon for 10-15 seconds.





A great way to feel grounded and centred is to walk in nature or stand with your back to a tree. You can imagine your own tap roots extending down into the earth.The Zip Up is a simple exercise to help you feel more centred, supported, and less susceptible to other people’s energy. On the front, trace your hands up from the pubic bone to your lower lip. On the back, trace from your tailbone up over your head to your upper lip. You’ll need to swap hands part way up your back but the energy will connect. Do 2-3 zip ups, front & back, each day.





If winter or Covid has got you down or if you’re feeling alone, stuck or lost, here is a great exercise that may give you comfort, uplift you, & connect you with a bigger picture or sacred dimension. Donna Eden calls it Heaven Rushing In. There is an energy vortex in the middle of your chest and, when you do this exercise, ‘heaven’ rushes into your heart with healing, perspective and a glimpse of your deeper nature. To do it…


Stand tall. Feel your feet on the ground. Breathe in and out while bringing your hands to a prayer-like position in the middle of your chest. On the next breath, open your arms wide, lift them, and look up toward the heavens. Feel yourself reaching out and the energy rushing back down your fingertips to your heart. Release your breath. You may feel your hands tingling. Bring your hands back to your heart. Bask in the experience.





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Ruth Beck