Welcome to 2021 and the first edition of my e-newsletter. I want to inspire you with stories, helpful information and relevant self-care tips.

Last week, my 30-year old hibiscus produced this spectacular bloom. It gave me many peach-hued flowers for decades and last summer, in a moment of lapsed attention, I missed the first pink bloom. On January 20, I awoke to this magnificence. Something big and bold was shifting in the US that morning, too. I see this as a hopeful reminder of the ever-present possibility of new beginnings.

Enjoy! And please send me questions or topics you’d like me to cover in future.



Winter corresponds to Water Element in the Chinese 5 Elements system. In Eden Energy Medicine, we call it 5 Rhythms as water, wood, fire, earth and metal have dynamic qualities. Water energy embodies the seed of future potential. Winter is a time to look inward, to reflect and incubate new ideas. If Water is your primary rhythm, you may have a slow pace, a flowing gait, and a creative soul. You may also get stuck; you know you need downtime but you also need playtime. When in balance, the dominant emotional state of Water is courage but, under stress, this becomes fear. Good hydration, stretching, laughing, social connection, swimming, walking, and other physical activities support the Water rhythm.


Kidney is the Yin meridian on the Water Element. Kidney energy is the source – the essence and foundation of the body’s Yin & Yang energies. Here is an exercise to stimulate Kidney meridian. Swing both arms around your body at the waist – Left, Right, Left – one arm in front, one behind, back and forth for a couple of minutes. Go gently; just let your arms flop around to touch your side & back. Take care of your shoulders. You should feel yourself perking up. If any exercise doesn’t feel good or right for you, listen to your body & stop.


This winter, with Covid restrictions, you may find yourself getting cabin fever or feeling down. A great exercise to lift your mood and increase your vitality is Cross Crawl Re-patterning. This is a kind of march where you swing your arms to touch your hand to your knee first on the same side of the body Left-to-Left, Right-to- Right, to a count of 12.

Then reach to the opposite leg, as shown here, Left-to- Right, Right-to-Left to a count of 12. Repeat this sequence two times. The third time, do 12 on the same side and then end with twice as many cross overs – a count of 24. Do this a couple of times a day to feel a difference. You can do this sitting down; the key is the switching from Same Side to Cross Over.


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