Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is all about you, your passions, and your life!

Coaching offers a proven structure for you to achieve your goals and transform your life.

With a trusted and supportive coaching partnership, you’ll find you’re better able to clarify your goals, make realistic commitments, take manageable steps, and attain results. Coaching can be particularly helpful in times of transition, if you’re feeling stuck, or if you’re having trouble moving forward or accomplishing your goals.

Coaching is a partnership between equals. You are the expert about your life. You are creative, resourceful and whole. And you are magnificent.

As your coach, I am completely committed to you: your priorities, your way of learning and experiencing life, what gives you energy, and how you make decisions and make things happen.

I offer a warm welcoming environment, deep listening, empathy, enthusiasm, inspiration, and a solid structure for attaining goals. My coaching style is intuitive, empathic, and insightful. I draw on approaches from various coaching systems, personal development, leadership training, energy medicine, spiritual practices, strategic planning, and change management. I may suggest energy medicine exercises to support the coaching process where they could be helpful and if you’re interested.

Coaching is future-focused and differs from therapy or counselling. While coaching often results in healing and removing blocks, this happens in the context of you making forward progress. The benefits of coaching may touch all aspects of your life even when you have a specific focus.

Coaching is a confidential dialogue and partnership. As your coach, I hold a safe space where you can explore your goals and dreams. I will listen fully, and ask questions to stimulate your exploration; also, with your permission, I will offer ideas for you to play with. I am committed to being an empathetic sounding board, your enthusiastic champion, and a consistent partner who will keep you moving forward.

Jump in, explore, and find your treasure!


What can you expect from a Session?

Life coaching sessions are one hour long and can take place by phone, in person or using computer technology. Distance sessions work well: world-wide, 94% of life coaching takes place at a distance. Since coaching is about forward momentum and goal attainment, it works best if you can make a meaningful commitment to the process; I offer discount packages for a set of sessions to help make this easier.

Coaching starts with an Exploratory Session which is 30 minutes long and free-of-charge. It offers us an opportunity to see if we’re a good fit which is critical for success. You will prepare information to Start the Conversation.  During the Exploratory Session, we’ll review your desired outcomes, I will answer your questions, and we’ll have a brief coaching mini-session. By the end, we should have a good idea if we’re a match and the overall focus of coaching.

To Start the Conversation and prepare for the Exploratory Session, please read and download the VWC Welcome Package – 25.05.2019

Fees and Packages

One 60-minute Coaching Session (by phone/in person): $100 ($80 to $100 sliding scale)

Prepaid 4 Session Coaching Discount Package: $350

Prepaid 6 Session Coaching Discount Package: $500

Sliding scale also available for packages, upon request. All fees subject to 5% GST.
Please contact me if you have questions about affordability.