Spring is Wood Element time!  Wood is a powerful energy, rooted deeply in the earth and bursting forth with determination.  It is wise to align your energies with the energy of the season when possible, so you are supported by the energies in the world around you.  You may be feeling a strong expansive urge to, literally, spring into action.  This can be an invigorating time.  If you are finding it hard to get moving, you may want to review February’s energy exercises to support grounding, becoming strongly centred and seeking inspiration from a sacred or universal source.  If you’re ready to get moving, please read on…

If your primary element is Wood, you may excel at putting ideas into action, speaking up for truth & justice, making good decisions and communicating clearly.  You are also fiercely loyal, ethical, and down-to-earth.  Woods need to stay flexible, practice compassion, and get good rest.  Wood’s stress emotion is anger.  The Blow Out is a great exercise for anyone to release pent up anger or clear excess energy.  Make fists with your hands and draw your arms up, out and over your head, gathering up all your resentments & frustrations.  Then, with a forceful “shhh” sound, fling your arms down & forward and open your hands.  Do this 3 times.  The last time, draw your arms up the same way, then end with a slow, mindful descent of your arms as you claim your ground with calm assertiveness.



Energy needs space to move!  Stretching is a great way to make space.  Connecting Heaven & Earth is a diagonal stretch that moves energy through your joints.  It’s great after work, letting old energy release so you can shift gears and relax.   To get started, rub your hands together & shake them off. Put your hands on your thighs.  On an in-breath, circle your arms around to a prayer position in front of your chest.  On the next in-breath, raise one arm and lower the other while flexing back your wrists.  Hold your breath. On the out-breath, release your arms back to your chest. Switch sides so the opposite arm goes up/down. Do this sequence twice.  Then bend over at the hips, hang down and relax for a few breaths. As you come back to standing, let your arms swing in figure 8s like an elephant trunk all the way up over your head, then bring your arms back down to your sides.


Spring is an important time to support Liver energy.  Rubbing acupoint #3 on Liver meridian on both feet helps release toxins, relieve allergic reactions, and reduce irritability.  It also encourages the smooth flow of Qi in the body, supports the liver organ, and helps with grounding and a sense of security.  The point is located in a divot in the webbing between your first and second toes just below the metatarsal joint. The more you massage the point, the more it comes to life.  It may feel tender.  You don’t want to cause pain but you want to stimulate it deeply for up to a minute.


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