I got into Energy Medicine because I wanted to feel more balanced and grounded, and I wanted to understand how my body worked. I got hooked on Energy Medicine because it worked.

I was in my late 40s and into menopause. At times, my thoughts and emotions would overwhelm me.  Like a skiff tossed on the ocean, I was rocked by waves of anxiety that would swell up and wash over me with an intensity unrelated to my daily life. I knew about hormone imbalance but,  while I knew what was happening, I couldn’t stop the crashing waves.

That’s when I found Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and David Feinstein. A quick browse of the book convinced me that the information was credible and straightforward. I was drawn to a tip for reducing anxiety by tapping a  point on my hand (the gamut point). I decided to tap my hand every time the crazy feelings would come.

And… I stopped the waves! Each time I became aware of anxiety, I would tap the gamut point.  After around a minute, the feelings would subside.  After 3 or 4 months I estimated my anxiety had dropped by 80% and I almost never needed to tap. The last 20% faded away within a couple more months.

When I told my doctor I stopped menopausal anxiety in a few months with a simple self-care technique, she was highly impressed.  That was in 2008.  At that time, I had no idea that Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) would become my passion and my calling.  I just wanted to know more about Donna Eden’s exciting world of holistic healing that had helped me as well as many thousands of other people including Donna herself.

If you would like to try the gamut point exercise, it’s very simple.  You tap a point on the back of your hand in line with the webbing between your 4th and 5th fingers, half way between your wrist and the end of the webbing.  You don’t need to be overly precise. I use 3 fingers to tap: it feels good to me and I know I’ll get the right point.  You can tap each hand in sequence if it feels right for you.  For more information, see page 45 of Energy Medicine or watch this video by Prune Harris, Advanced EEM Practitioner.

If you’re curious about your body’s energies and want to improve your health and joie-de-vivre, please contact me to set up a session or register for a class.