Winter is a season of stillness and inward focus. The window of daylight is smaller and we are drawn indoors to be warm.  We are also drawn to take time to reflect, meditate, or simply be. This is also the time of Christmas and other festive traditions. It’s our second Christmas during Covid; a time of new restrictions and more uncertainty.
Being in balance supports your ability to feel calm and enjoy the season. In the Five Elements system, winter may stimulate fear (when you’re not in balance) and hope, when you are.  This newsletter offers a number of exercises to keep you in balance. You may have seen some of them before. Please scroll through and see what resonates!

Staying grounded is so important! It’s particularly important if you feel yourself having ups and downs, getting triggered, feeling overwhelmed, or if you’re on a computer too long.  ‘Flipping out’ is the figure of speech used for the extreme version of this situation – when your electromagnetic polarity flips and you are suddenly ungrounded and feeling unhinged. Fortunately, it’s easy to stay grounded and keep your polarity strong.  Spoon the bottoms of your feet with the backside of a stainless steel spoon – any which way that feels good. You can do it 1 to 1000 times a day – any day, every day.

Now let’s do a few things to keep your aura strong.  The aura is a protective bio-field surrounding your body that filters energies coming towards you and draws to you energies you need.

1. Strengthening the Smart Filter.  This is super easy.  Hold your arms straight out and turn the palms of your hands toward yourself.  Say the word “me” (aloud or to yourself).  Now turn your palm outward.  Say “not me”.  Now back to “me”, then “not me” and so on, while moving your arms around the edge of your aura.  While you’re flipping your hand over and back, you can move your arms around a circle or make a sphere around yourself. Then tint the edge of your aura with a colour (other than white).  You can do this movement quickly and your hands will trace Figure 8s over and back. Or you can do it slowly and deliberately.  If I feel I’m taking on other people’s stuff, I do it really slowly and let the concept sink in – “this is me”, “this is not me”.  But it’s an energy exercise.  It really does reinforce your bio-field.

2. Giving yourself more space.  In this exercise, you will push out your aura and then close the curtain.  Start with your hands up in front of your chest facing outward – as if you’re saying “back off”.  But this is about you – you strengthening your aura so you feel confident and whole.  Slowly push your hands (and arms) forward.  Very very slowly.  You are pushing out your aura.  It might take more than 1 minute for your arms to be stretched straight out in front of you.  Then do it again, this time pushing out to the sides or in whatever direction feels good or protective.  And again in another direction. When you feel done, hold your arms out wide like you’re going to draw a curtain from each end and slowly draw the curtain closed in front of yourself.  Do this whenever you feel like it.


3. Closing holes in your aura.  You’re going to make clockwise circles with your palm as it faces your body roughly 10 inches out.  To determine which direction is clockwise, imagine yourself as the clock.  That’s it.  Go all around your body making these circles and especially anywhere that feels somewhat vulnerable.

4. Strengthening the weave.  Wave your arms in figure 8s in your aura.  Up, down, all around. Make the 8s big or small.  Do it to music.  This strengthens your aura and weaves all your energies together!

Last set of exercises – Simple holds to balance emotions.

Here are a series of simple holds that are incredibly powerful at balancing emotions. Each hold works with the dominant stress emotion of an element in the Five Elements system.  In each case you will be holding the frontal neurovascular points at the prominences on your forehead. This brings blood back to your front brain.  You hold these frontal points together with one of the other points, depending on the emotion you’re experiencing.  You can use fingers or your whole hand.  Hold the points lightly for at least 2 minutes or until you feel the emotion shift.  As a little reminder, I’ve worn the colour that matches the element. Here’s the menu:

Water: Blue. Fear.  Hold frontal points with the back of your head.
Wood: Green. Anger, frustration, irritation. Hold front points with temples.
Fire: Red. Panic. Hold front points with back of head at eyebrow level.
Earth: Yellow. Worry, over-giving. Hold front points with cheek bones below eyes.
Metal: White. Sadness, grief, letting go.  Hold front points with top of head.


I hope you found something here that speaks to you.  If you have trouble regaining your equilibrium after some time and effort, consider a energy session.

I offer distance sessions most weekdays.  Please get in touch if you’re interested or if you have questions about energy medicine.

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Thank you. Happy Holidays!